Sound Control in Southern Nevada

If you live in the city, you’ve probably experienced waking up in the morning because of the noise outside. But noise is inescapable even in the suburbs! No matter where you live, you have several options to keep the noise out. You can add more soft materials, like sound-blocking curtains and padded carpets, to your home. You can have a sound-blocking door installed.

Better yet, you can soundproof your home with insulation.

Elite Spray Foam offers soundproofing insulation in Southern Nevada. Whether you’re looking to soundproof a single room in your house or want to reduce external noise entering the entire building, we have certified, experienced teams to get the job done.

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Why Install Soundproofing Insulation?

Soundproofing insulation allows your family to enjoy peace and quiet. You can relax without worrying about the disturbance of noisy neighbors or traffic. And unlike other ways to control sound, insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature while soundproofing your home.

Effective soundproofing is ideal for keeping the peace in your home, and it can also be a boon to those who keep music studios or recording rooms in their home. Whether you’re trying to keep sound in or keep it out, we have the expertise to provide thorough, effective soundproofing insulation. This is typically applied as a retrofit, although we also install this type of insulation in new construction or renovations.

Our soundproofing insulation services reduce the sound that goes in and out of your home and helps keep you comfortable throughout the year.

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Our Residential Soundproofing Services in Southern Nevada

At Elite Spray Foam, we’re glad to be able to offer a diverse range of options suitable for a variety of needs. Our soundproofing insulation options include all of the following, and more:

  • Rockwool insulation installation – Stone wool insulation woven from renewable materials provides an absolutely excellent sound barrier, and there are variants of the product that can provide even more powerful soundproofing. Because rockwool can be cut to size, it’s a great choice for insulation retrofits for soundproofing projects.
  • Spray foam insulation installation – While not as capable of absorbing sound as rockwool, spray foam carries added benefits in that it can be applied absolutely anywhere. This makes it ideal for adding an extra noise barrier and for quieting plumbing and HVAC ducts.
  • Soundproofing board installation Compressed mineral wool and foam acoustic boards deaden sound efficiently and require very little time to install. It’s important to work with a knowledgeable insulation contractor, however, as installing them willy-nilly often yields poor results because sound coverage isn’t taken into account.

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Schedule Soundproofing Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you just want a quieter home or you’re a business owner looking to deaden noise between rooms and floors in your Southern Nevada business, we’re happy to say we offer the best in soundproofing services. Our experienced insulation contractors will work with you in order to make certain your needs are met precisely and cost-effectively.

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